When you've never written a blog post

April 13, 2019

BY: Mandy Monson

So this is my very first blog post, EVER.  I literally signed my site up, I think, last night.  I have a very intense career and love my kids.  I am sitting in a hotel room tonight with my two young daughters as they sleep because we have dance fever tomorrow morning at 8 am and I am writing a blog post.  I am not sure what I am going to write about these next coming days, weeks, months.... but I have a lot of content on my iPhone to sift through that I think will provide good jump starters.  I am going to call this 1st "blog" a success, why?, because I wrote it.  I have always thought if I ever write a book it will be titled, "Who Knew".  Blogging is a good start.  By the way, Wonder Woman is my favorite movie of ALL TIME and I am confident that I came from Themyscira.  My mother may not agree, but I am pretty sure I did.