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WELCOME TO the website of Mandy Monson: Founder of 4thegirlsclub, 4mmonson Enterprises, finance executive, fierce business woman and mother to 3 fabulous children!

LIFE PURPOSE STATEMENT 02/11/21:  I am dedicated to helping girls and women recognize and hold their power in business and life.  I mentor girls and women on how to advance in career with the tools of cashflow analysis, credit negotiation, and procurement of capital so they can achieve wealth and prosperity on the same trajectory as men.  In exchange for this expertise I experience an immense amount of abundance as we continue to move forward and shift the power structure in the realm of money.

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As a child I was a farm girl and played a lot of sports.  Today, I am a finance executive and business owner raising three children.  I love my children, I love my work, and I love helping others achieve what they once thought was insurmountable.


I believe that right here, right now, there is immense opportunity, and there always will be.  It's a matter of how you view the opportunity and what you are willing to do to harness it.  I am a voracious learner in the study of universal law, science of mind, real estate, and finance as I continue to develop my personal empire state of mind and business empire in this lifetime.  I look forward to helping others to do the same so that they can experience confidence, abundance, prosperity, and happiness as it is meant to be for them.


In today's digital world everyone and every business has a brand.  In my adult working life, I have always been in a corporate environment with most of my career residing in the realm of finance in some shape or form.   I am VERY competitive and high achieving.  I went to the University of Nebraska and played collegiate volleyball 1996 - 1999.  I flex my competitive muscles today working on behalf of the companies I am employed at to procure financing for construction and permanent debt capital for our Senior Independent Living Communities across the country.  I work with all sizes of banks and individual investors.  Throughout my professional career I have been in roles strategizing, negotiating, and closing deal opportunities.  Most recently I have founded 4thegirlsclub a coaching and consulting business dedicated and committed to helping you kick a$$ in business and in life and 4mmonson Enterprises a debt procurement and consulting firm bringing efficiencies to you as you capitalize your business through traditional forms of debt capital.


I started this website to have a platform of my own and support women hitting the wall as it pertains to career and wealth.  If there are women that I can help, motivate, and inspire to keep going, not give up, get into the boardroom and speak up, I have succeeded.  There is only one original source of your success, you.  You create and put into reality your experience right here, right now, in your thoughts, words, and actions.  


The Early Years (2000 - 2002)

I have been in some capacity of Finance my entire adult working life.  Having lived in Lincoln, NE, since graduating from college, I am fortunate to have worked for some of the best companies the city has to offer including Nelnet, Inc., Union Bank & Trust Company, and now my current employers Resort Lifestyle Communities, Inc. and Cameron General Contractors, Inc.  Coming out of the University of Nebraska - Lincoln with a B.S. in Business Administration (Emphasis, in Marketing, Management and Finance) I procured my Series 7 and 63 Licenses for an Investment Associates position with national brokerage firm Salomon Smith Barney.  I had interned for two seasoned and successful Brokers my senior year of University and took the opportunity to start my career with the firm.  Having graduated December of 2000, and gaining my licenses in March of 2001, the brokerage business in the early 2000's following the tech bubble bust proved to be challenging.  I was 22 years old selling managed money portfolios that had a minimum investment of $100,000 from my clients.  I am still amazed that people found the confidence in a young 20 something to place their money with me. What I recommended was not overly complicated and was a win for my clients, but all in all, the investment business was not for me.  It was not my passion.  I enjoyed the process of getting to know the client and the achievement of the client placing money with me, but at end of the day, the overall process of most likely having to get a certified financial planning designation seemed daunting and I just didn't love the investment piece enough.  Even though I left Salomon Smith Barney in September of 2002, I am thankful for that experience where I learned some of the most basic selling techniques that I still deploy today.  

The In Between years (2002 - 2015)

 For more work history and to follow my progression please take a look at my LinkedIn profile (  It details my time at Nelnet, Inc. (Nelnet) as well as Union Bank and Trust Company (UBT).  I have to say that things really do work out.  After my time in the brokerage business I moved onto to some part time jobs, including a stint in dry cleaning as well as mortuary, but then landed at the Nebraska Soybean Board as the Marketing Director.  Before I took that marketing position I had attended a job fair for which Nelnet, was one of the employers that had a booth. I did my research enough to know they were a Finance company but didn't really know of what.  I dropped my resume off, shook hands with whoever was at the table and the 3 months later got an opportunity to interview for a new department that the company was starting.  This department would develop relationships with Alumni Associations across the country so that Nelnet could direct market student loan consolidation services.  When I decided to take the job I was the first sales representative hired.  When I left Nelnet in 2007, after regulatory and legislative changes forced the company to close the department, I was running the department and managed a team of 11 employees.

From there I went to Union Bank & Trust Company, a local privately owned Nebraska state chartered bank run by the Dunlap family.  When I went over to the bank I needed a job, period.  Mike Dunlap, President and CEO of Nelnet, Inc. called me and literally said, "Mandy, call Angie and see if there are opportunities at the bank."  Me needing employment did not hesitate and made the call to Angie (Mike's sister) and got the appointment.  Angie Muhleisen, President & CEO of UBT took my call and appointment and thankfully by October of 2007 I was a Credit Analyst at UBT.  I had not practiced basic debits and credits since Accounting 201 and 202 at University, but the bank thought I would eventually be a decent loan officer and put me in the Credit Department for about 18 months.  In 2009, I began my career as a Commercial Loan Officer lending money during the Great Recession when the credit markets were not necessarily flowing.  I didn't know everything about lending, but I had learned what a solid loan was during my time as a Credit Analyst.  I knew what a DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio) was and always kept the 5 "C's" of credit in mind when I went out on appointments.  I generated some amazing relationships as a loan officer, including my current employer.  I loved the bank.  Truly.  UBT has a culture like no other.  Angie and the rest of senior management always reaffirmed that the customer is #1 and it was demonstrated through the banks actions.  That culture is one that started with Jay Dunlap and has been handed down through generations of family and employees.  Had I not received the opportunity to be at "The Bank" (UBTr's will know what that means) I would not be where I am today.  I am truly appreciative and grateful.     

Gallup Strengths: Command, Competition, Focus, Individualization, Significance     


Today I am the acting Vice President of Finance at Resort Lifestyle Communities, Inc. (RLC) and Cameron General Contractors, Inc. (CGC).  I am privileged to serve in this role as we are the largest developer of Seniors Housing across the United States of America.  (DISCLAIMER:  ALL ideas and opinions shared on this website and in my blog are of my own thoughts and are not a reflection of my current employers values and/or employment policies.)  I am fortunate to be a part of a growing business and company that is dynamic in seniors housing while maintaining it's core value of the resident being number one.  I began my career in the financial services industry, went into banking, and now in the industry of Seniors Housing.  

I am also the founder of 4thegirlsclub, 4mmonson Enterprises, and a working mother in my 15th year!  It is not the easiest of roles but, I embrace and strive to get better each day.  I work to be great in the boardroom so that I can be exceptional at home.  My children are the most important people in my life.  I am committed to instilling in them a mindset of knowing they can do anything and achieve anything, by working hard, following their passion, and never giving up.

Businesses: 4mmonson Enterprises & 4thegirlsclub

4mmonson Enterprises 

4mmonson Enterprises LLC, "4mmonson Enterprises", is a Nebraska Limited Liability Company organized for the purpose of providing business consulting services in the area of debt procurement and debt management for commercial businesses.  Please contact me at for consulting services and rates.


4thegirlsclub Enterprises LLC, "4thegirlsclub", is a Nebraska Limited Liability Company organized for the purpose of providing coaching and consulting for women tired of the "boys club" looking to crush their limiting beliefs and fear of failure so that they determine their own destiny in the realm of career, money, and wealth.  Please contact me at for one to one coaching programs and rates.

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